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Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families

This globally recognised and evidenced parenting programme provides a unique opportunity for both parents and young people aged 12-16 to work together to improve their relationships.

The programme was developed by Dr Karol Kumpfer, Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah.  The core aim is to improve the family environment by helping parents to develop discipline techniques and to understand the importance of rewards and positive attitudes in their children.
Are you working with any eligible families who you could refer to the programme and would be willing to participate?
Maybe you have families on a waiting list who could benefit from participating in Strengthening Families whilst they are waiting to access your service?
The programme runs for 14 weeks, is completely free of charge (as it is being funded through the Public Health Agency ) and includes free childcare/ play sessions for younger family members to enable the family to participate and a family meal at each of the14 sessions.  Travel is also included.

If you would like to find out more about the programme, the Strengthening Families Co-ordinator would be willing to come along to meet you/ your staff team to tell you more about the programme, its outcomes to date and to answer any queries you may have about the programme. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email on any of the numbers and addresses provided below.

The Strengthening Families Co-ordinator for the Belfast and Southern Trust areas is:

Lorna Fennell, Strengthening Families Service Co-Ordinator

0800 2545 123 / 07545928220 / lorna@ascert.biz

We hope you will make use of this excellent opportunity to support the families you work with and look forward to hearing from you / receiving referrals for the programmes.

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