"Addressing alcohol and drug related issues: reducing harm and supporting positive change"
Steps to Cope Service

Steps to Cope


Steps to Cope is a confidential support service for young people aged 11 -18, living in Northern Ireland, who are impacted by Parental Alcohol Misuse.

The Steps to Cope intervention is delivered across Northern Ireland by Steps to Cope practitioners. They offer a number of sessions to young people on a one to one basis, at a time and place to suit.

Young people can also avail of support via an interactive website, which includes an online forum, and self-help.

Steps to Cope will help you to look at:

  • What living with this is like for you
  • Information: Learning more about alcohol misuse
  • How you cope
  • What supports you have
  • Where you can get further support.

Young people can access the service directly by visiting www.stepstocope.co.uk or calling 0800 2545 123.

Practitioners or other adults can refer a young person by using this referral form.


Some Questions

Q: I don’t live with my mum or dad any more, can you still support me?

A: Of course! We realise that just because things may have changed in your life, doesn’t mean that the problem or difficulties have gone away. If it is still something that you are thinking about, are worried about or want to talk about we are more than happy to support you

Q: My Mum/Dad doesn’t drink any more, can you sill support me?

A: Of Course! Its great news that your parent is not drinking at the moment, but we realise that you may still have some concerns and questions that you need to talk about and have answered. Sometimes things might not go back to normal straight away and it can be difficult to know how to feel or what to do with all the confusing emotions you may have. It can help to talk about it, and Steps to Cope are here to listen if you need us to.

Q: How can Steps to Cope support me?

A: Steps to Cope is designed to support you coping with life with a parent who drinks too much alcohol. It will help you to talk about what life is like for you in that situation, answer any questions you may have, look at how you cope and what things might help you to feel better about your situation, see what supports you have in your life and what additional supports you may like or need to stay safe. Although we can’t stop your parent from drinking, we can help you to take better care of yourself, which may help you to feel better. We hope that by doing this work, that you will realise that you are an incredible person with lots of good points and strengths, and that that will help you to take better care of yourself.

Q: Can you get my parent to stop drinking?

A: Unfortunately we can’t, your parent has to make this decision for themselves. However we are here to support you and to help you to take better care of yourself.

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Tel: 0800 2545 123
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