"reducing alcohol and drug related harm in our communities"


At The Drawing Room It’s All About Change

Staff of The Drawing Room are making change count for their local community by donating their tips to ASCERT.

The Bangor-based coffee shop will make every penny count by donating all the tips they receive to ASCERT to make a real difference in their local community.

Proprietor, Nina Cristinacce, said: “We are delighted to be supporting ASCERT and the work they do in the local community. Our customers have been so generous in the past, helping us to raise £1500 for the Simon Community. We hope that they will once again get involved and support our fundraising efforts and help to make a real difference to those affected by alcohol and drug misuse."

Jenay Doyle, Fundraising Coordinator for ASCERT thanked the Drawing Room for their support: “We are delighted that The Drawing Room have chosen to support our charity and we would like to wish them well with their fundraising. As a charity we are so appreciative of all the support we receive from the local community which helps us to continue addressing drug and alcohol issues and supporting positive and sustainable change across Northern Ireland."

For more information on how to get involved in fundraising or volunteering please contact Jenay Doyle, Fundraising Coordinator, on: 07498 944 302 or by emailing: jenay@ascert.biz

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