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ASCERT Annual Report 2017-2018 Released

ASCERT, a leading local charity working to address alcohol and drug-related issues throughout Northern Ireland, has released its annual report covering the 2017-2018 year.

One of the key statistics highlighted in the report is that ASCERT provides its services to almost 10,000 people from across Northern Ireland each year.

The publication also clearly sets out the quality of services provided by ASCERT in relation to the outcomes demonstrated. 96% of its service users showed a reduction in their substance use, 91% reported an increase in knowledge to make healthier and safer choices, and 96% of families supported reported increased strength and coping skills.

Commenting on the report’s content, Gary McMichael, ASCERT’s Chief Executive said: “We wish to thank our funders and donors, statutory and community stakeholders, staff and volunteers for their continued support which enabled ASCERT to reach almost ten thousand people across Northern Ireland with our services during the 2017-2018 year.

“Our services are increasingly finding that people are presenting for support with more complex needs that are contributing to their substance use problems. Issues such as mental wellbeing, financial problems, relationship issues, housing and homelessness, threat and intimidation are more commonplace, requiring a more holistic approach within services.

“This report clearly demonstrates how through our prevention approach, ASCERT has enabled numerous individuals, families and communities to develop resilience and skills they can utilise to better protect them from the challenges they face and reduce the risk of harm.

“It also details the ways in which our intervention services continue to provide much needed support throughout the province to help reduce the impact of alcohol or substances on the lives of young people, adults and families. Whilst our workforce development training helps to skill up and empower thousands of people working in the statutory and community/voluntary sectors.”

Following on from the meaningful and lasting impact achieved by the charity during 2017-18, this year sees ASCERT implement the first phase of its new corporate strategy. The innovative and ambitious 5 year plan sets out an intent to reach even more people in need with improved and new services that will be designed to support prevention, intervention and recovery using the most effective approaches to deliver the best possible outcomes for service users.

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