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Accredited Training Available for Drug and Alcohol Responders

We are all aware of the negative impact alcohol and other drugs can have on individuals, families and the wider community. People are often unsure how to access the right support. The Drug and Alcohol Connections service can support key members of the community to signpost people to the right service or help them to access further information and advice through the Responder initiative.

Responders will be people living or working within a community who have been trained to have effective conversations with individuals seeking help about their alcohol or other drug use and to signpost them to the most appropriate services.

Responders will be drawn from a range of backgrounds, perhaps working in job centres, taxi firms, credit unions or anywhere else that has a front facing role, or those involved in community or church groups, sports clubs, foodbanks etc.

Responders will undergo a comprehensive two day accredited training programme with a follow up assessment. Over the two days, participants will receive training in basic alcohol and drug awareness, how to have effective conversations using the evidence-based Brief Intervention (FRAMES) model and how to use the online Responder toolkit. Participants will have the chance to complete case studies and skills practices before the final assessment.

Responders will be supported by their local Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team (DACT) Connections service based in each Trust area. Responders will have access to a website designed to guide them through any interactions they may have and aid them in identifying further options and signposting for the individual concerned.

It should be emphasised that the main role of Responders is signposting. Any assessments will be carried out by the appropriate specialised services. Responders will encourage individuals to contact other services themselves and self-refer.

Each organisation that hosts a Responder will be provided with a sticker which can be displayed in a door or window of their premises. Responders will be provided with badges and other means of identifying themselves as fulfilling this role. It will be expected that Responders will have access to the internet and, if possible, a printer and somewhere where they can have a quiet and confidential conversation with anyone seeking help. They will also have a contact in the local Connections services who they can call on for more support or advice if required.


Training Dates (South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust area):

18th & 19th January 2018

Venue: Work West, Belfast


Assessment Date (South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust area):

26th January 2018

Venue: Work West, Belfast


For further information or to request an application form, please contact:

South Eastern Drug & Alcohol Connections Service

Phone:      0800 25 45 123

Email:        connections@sedact.info

Website:  www.drugsandalcoholni.com 

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