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Drugs and Sex

Drugs and Sex

Drugs and Sex – Is it worth it?

Amphetamines (speed)

Initially the rush may lift the libido, but this feeling is unlikely to last. Male users may find the penis is less sensitive and ejaculation is often difficult to achieve. As a result, sex can last a long time - which places both partners at risk of chafing (rubbed raw skin) you probably laughing now but in reality it can be very painful.


Initially users can feel less inhibited (in other words not afraid to let go) and increased sensory perception can turn one all touchy-feely but cannabis users risk a reduction in testosterone production, and a drop in sperm count which might not bother you when you’re young but do you really want to run the risk of never being a Father. Females on the other hand may also experience some fertility problems due to changes in ovulation and menstrual cycles. Same question okay when you’re young but do you really want to run the risk of never being a Mother?


Cocaine is a stimulant drug and in small doses it can increase sexual arousal and make orgasms and erections easier, but in larger amounts cocaine will fuel the sexual desire but unfortunately decreasing the ability to actually perform because achieving an erection or an orgasm becomes almost impossible.


Taking Ecstasy gives the user an increased sense of warm and fuzzy feeling towards others, which can increases the chances of risky sexual behaviour. This means having sex with someone you don’t want to have sex with and/or don’t like and/or not using protection.

LSD/ Magic mushrooms

Some people report an increased sexual awareness while using LSD/Magic mushrooms but trips are unpredictable and having a hallucination during sex could be not only unpleasant but also traumatic.


Drugs such as heroin, morphine and codeine belong to a drug group called opiates, which’s main purpose is to block pain. Opiate misuse can lead to full time problems such as impotence, lowered libido and difficulty attaining orgasm.

Poppers (alkyl nitrites)

Some people take poppers during sex because they enjoy the intense head rush and relaxant effect. Particularly popular among gay men, often because sniffing poppers relaxes the anal sphincter muscles, allowing anal sex to take place more easily but Alkyl nitrites reduce blood pressure meaning that you can’t take Viagra at the same time because the combination could be fatal.

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