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Alcohol and You Services
Alcohol and You Services
A website with on-line tools to examine alcohol use and referral to support services
Steps to Change
Steps to Change
Early intervention for adults and family members affected by substance use in WHSCT
ASCERT Alcohol Services
ASCERT Alcohol Services
Support for concerns about a persons alcohol use and services for family members
To Drink or NOT to Drink

Choosing not to drink

Abstaining from alcohol does not mean being a ‘nerd’ and you will be in good company. Famous teetotallers include Chris Martin, Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Lopez, Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Stevens.

Culturally, most of our adult socialising revolves around pubs, clubs and parties - places where alcohol is easily available. Yet despite this fairly closed idea of having fun there are many other things you can do to have a good time without getting drunk. Honest!

When you go out you may order alcohol more out of habit than a desire to drink it. Your friends may give you a hard time for ordering a soft drink instead; people don't like to drink alcohol alone, it can also unnerve them that you want to remain sober. That’s about them and not about you. Just imagine how powerful you will feel having control when everyone around you are loosing it.

Spend time with friends who have the same ‘mind set’ as you and avoid alcohol by distracting yourself with other hobbies, or just socialise at home.

Ultimately, alcohol is not an essential part of a night out. You can still have fun at parties and clubs Tell them the truth - that you don't drink or don't want to drink, you may decide to avoid socialising with people who are drinking, or in places where alcohol is available and if your friends can't respect your decision to stay sober, you may decide it's time to find other like-minded people to hang out with.

There are plenty of places that serve good non-alcoholic drinks and where the nature of the entertainment is not focused on getting drunk. The trick is to think about what appeals to you and what makes a good night out. Art centres, late night café and independent cinemas are good alternatives to pubs and clubs, Ten-pin bowling, evening classes, social groups and art and sport clubs can offer ways to meet people and socialise where alcohol is not the norm.

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