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Alcohol and You Services
Alcohol and You Services
A website with on-line tools to examine alcohol use and referral to support services
ASCERT Alcohol Services
ASCERT Alcohol Services
Support for concerns about a persons alcohol use and services for family members
Steps to Change
Steps to Change
Early intervention for adults and family members affected by substance use in WHSCT
Drink Driving

Drink Driving

Drink driving

If you think alcohol doesn’t seriously impair your driving judgement, coordination and reactions then you are very mistaken, and its not only you it could effect. Think about the risk to passengers in your car, other road users or pedestrians if you have an accident because you have been drinking.

It’s an offence

It’s a serious crime and don’t think you can hide it with a breath mint, alcohol in the body can be measured in the breath, blood or urine and a driver found guilty of drink-driving could lose more than his or her licence.

Drinking guidelines are confusing and studies show that only one drink can impact driving so it’s better to have none. There will be almost undoubtedly a fine and you will lose your license for at least 12 months. Remember how hard it was to get it in the first place.

If you have had a drink and are planning to drive then give yourself at least an hour for every half pint you've had (but if your thinking smart you will get a taxi)

Think Smart

Simple – if you are thinking of drinking then don’t take your car – Not Rocket Science. Don't leave yourself open to temptation - if you've travelled by car, leave your keys with someone else before you get too drunk to make a sensible decision. Use public transport or a taxi.

Remember that alcohol stays in your body for up to 48 hours, so your driving could still be affected the next day. If you will need to drive the morning after, stop drinking early and stick to drinks with low alcohol content and drink plenty of water – it won’t process the alcohol any quicker but your liver will thank you for it.

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