"reducing alcohol and drug related harm in our communities"
Working with Substance Misuse in a Homeless Setting WFD07-SMH-004

Course Description

Working with Substance Misuse in a Homeless Setting WFD07-SMH-004

Code: WFD07-SMH04

Date: 2nd, 9th & 16th March 2021

Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm

Duration: 9 hours (x3 am sessions)

Location: Zoom Online Training Map

Eligibility Criteria: This course is available free to anyone working in the statutory or voluntary sector in Northern Ireland working in a homeless setting

Cost: FREE

Description: This course will provide an understanding of working with people affected by substance misuse in a homeless setting and will include areas such as nutrition, overdose and withdrawal, BBVs and supporting people affected by substance misuse. All 4 days must be completed.


By the end of this course participants will;

  • Have an understanding of the impact of substance misuse on homelessness
  • Understand the basic principles of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and how they can be used within the homeless settings
  • Understand, recognize and apply life support techniques to respond to potential drugs/alcohol overdose including administering Naloxone
  • Know about the drugs of misuse and the specific risks to users
  • Understand the nature and risks of poly drug use
  • Understand a range of harm reduction practices
  • Understand the importance of nutrition in reducing substance misuse related harm
  • Understand the risks and personal safety issues for staff related to working with drug and alcohol users, and the importance of relevant protocols
  • Know about blood born infections and the risks they hold
  • Understand the risks of alcohol withdrawal and how to respond to such events
  • Know how to signpost and refer individuals to other services
  • Be  able  to  provide  support  and  deliver  brief  interventions  to  the  homeless population who are using substances

Relevance: This course is relevant to professionals working in a homeless setting or that encounter clients affected by substance misuse that are homeless

DANOS Mapping:

This course is mapped against the following Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards;

  • AA1 Recognise problematic use of alcohol and or other substances and refer to services
  • AD1 Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects
  • AB2 Support individuals who are substance users
  • AB5 Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to individuals who have used alcohol and other substances
  • SCDHSC06 Assist in the transfer of individuals between agencies and services
  • AG2 Contribute to implementation of care or support plan activities
  • AH10 Work with individuals to encourage a reduction in harmful alcohol consumption and drinking behavior

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