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Course Description

Welfare Reform & Addiction Services - 02

Date: Thursday 6th & Friday 7th August 2020

Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm

Duration: 6 hours

Location: Zoom Online Training Map

Eligibility Criteria: This course is available free to anyone working in the statutory or voluntary sector in Northern Ireland

Cost: FREE

Description: This 2xhalf-day course looks at the relevance of welfare system changes for service-users with substance use/mental health issues, and how practitioners can best support their clients in the light of these changes. It focuses on ESA and PIP.


Course overview part 1 (ESA)

  • What ESA is
  • Assessment and Main Phases
  • Work Related Activity
  • Descriptors and points
  • Groups
  • Benefit
  • Appeals
  • Universal Credit


Course overview part 2 (PIP)

  • What is PIP?
  • PIP in Northern Ireland
  • How to Qualify for PIP
  • PIP vs DLA
  • Structure of PIP
  • Components and Rates
  • Assessment for PIP
  • Activities, Descriptors and Points
  • Claims Process
  • Face to Face Consultation
  • Support for PIP Claim
  • Appeal Process

Relevance: Relevant to anyone working with service-users with substance use/mental health issues,

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