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Training FAQ

Training FAQ

Q: Who is Workforce Development training for?

A: Anybody who encounters the effects of substance misuse  as part of their work within the statutory, voluntary and community sectors.


Q: How do I know what courses are available?

A: All courses currently available can be viewed in the Workforce Development section of this website. ASCERT also will send you news about training opportunities to your email address if you have registered as an ASCERT account user for our training programmes.


Q: How much does the training cost?

A: If you work on Northern Ireland in the statutory, voluntary or community sectors the traning is free of charge.


Q: How do I apply for a course?

A: Once you have picked a course that suits you, you must register an account with us on the website. Once you have registered an account you can login and go to the course you want and simply click 'apply'. Your place will be confirmed by email and we will send you instructions for attending the course abput a week before the start date. You can view details of all courses you are enrolled on at any time by logging in to your account.


Q: Can I turn up for a course without registering online beforehand?

A: No, you must regsiter for course online. If you turn up at the training without having registered, you will be unable to take part.


Q: Do I need to get permission from my employer to attend?

A: Yes. You will be asked to include details of your line manager during the registration process and we expect that by applying for a course that your employer is aware and has agreed for you to attend.


Q: Is there a waiting list if a course is ‘full up’?

A: If the course you are interested in is oversubscribed, you will see an option to add yourself to the waiting list. ASCERT will notify you by email if a place opens up or a repeat course becomes available. 


Q: What if I want to cancel a place on training?

A: Thats fine, provided you cancel your place no less than three working days before the course start date. You can cancel you place by logging in to your account and in the 'my courses' section will have an option to cancel your place. If you cancel your place with less than 2 days notice or just dont turn up for the training then you will be subject to a £30 penalty


Q: I registered an account but i have not received a confirmation email?

A: Check your junkmail folder as sometimes the email can go in there if your computer does not recognise the address it is being sent from.

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