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Help for Adults and Family Members
Help for Adults and Family Members
See what supports are available for adults and other family members
Help for Young People and Families
Help for Young People and Families
See what help is available for young people and their family
Professionals Area
Professionals Area
If drug and alcohol misuse affects your role or your clients you can get information and make referrals to our services here
Know Your Units Phone App

Know Your Units App

The Alcohol and You programme has developed a great free Know Your Units mobile phone application.

The app has two tools, the Unit Guide and the Virtual Bar.

The Unit Guide will help you work out how many units, calories and how long it would take to ‘run off’.

The Virtual Bar works out if your usual round of drinks in a night is putting your health at risk. It will give you a result and provide you with the necessary advice should you require it.

The app will aid you in monitoring your intake and help you take control of how much you drink.

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