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Dealing with Worry

Dealing with Worry in Difficult Times

 Worry and anxiety are commonplace across Northern Ireland. With the legacy of the Troubles, the challenges that face our young people and now the added strain of Coronavirus, strengthening our resilience is more important than ever. A booklet has been produced to help people dealing with worry. You can download the booklet here. We have produced the short video below to provide an overview of the key messages from the booklet.



"We developed Dealing with Worry in Difficult Times to provide a phone friendly booklet to give people ideas to reduce worry, look after their well-being and create a guide to resources people have found helpful across Northern Ireland.

We were also very aware that many people do not get all their information from reading. Listening is more useful for them.

So, in partnership with ASCERT we took messages we think will be helpful and created this media clip. I am personally pleased to be working with ASCERT on this. Working together and pooling our skills and resources is the way we all need to work in these troubled times.

I am keen to add, what you take from this clip and booklet is up to you. Together, with all the people involved in shaping this including service users, colleagues, and staff from other Health Trusts, we hope you find it helpful to you."

Ed Sipler, Health Development Specialist

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