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Is my child at risk?

Is my child at risk for developing problems with alcohol or drugs

It is not possible to accurately predict who will drink or take drugs or who will develop drug and alcohol problems.  However, we do know that there are certain factors that can place a person more at risk of developing problems:

  • Home environments that provide, structure, stability and nurturing are less risky for teen drug use that family environments that are chaotic and where adults may misuse alcohol and/or drugs themselves.
  • Peer groups where drug and alcohol use is acceptable and encouraged and where young peoples’ activities are not monitored by adults and more risky and more likely to lead to drug use.
  • Young people who feel they don’t ‘fit in’ in school or who have poor behaviour or school performance may also be at greater risk for using drugs. 

Young people who may have some or all of these risks do not always develop problems with drugs.  However, it is useful to be aware so that parents can lower factors that could more likely place their young person at risk of using drugs. 

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