"reducing alcohol and drug related harm in our communities"
Our Vision and Values

ASCERT Vision, Aims and Core Values

1. Our Mission

ASCERT addresses alcohol and drug  related issues; reducing harm and supporting positive change.

We aim to make a real difference in relation to how drugs and alcohol impact on people and society. Through our actions we will reduce the potential or actual impact on people's lives, and support the achievement of positive and sustainable change for individuals, families, communities and societal.

2. Our Values

Our values are the core beliefs of ASCERT that should be reflected in all its activity and are experienced by everyone that encounters the organisation.


ASCERT will demonstrate integrity in everything we do, acting honestly and reflecting moral and ethical principles.


ASCERT will be open and transparent in its conduct and be answerable to its members and stakeholders.


ASCERT believes there is hope in every situation, and with the right help at the right time, every person can achieve change for the better.


ASCERT will be sensitive to changing needs, consider opportunities to innovate and adapt in order to be effective in the delivery of outcomes for our service users.

3. Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve outcomes by the end of this strategic period which are quantifiable. These do not represent the resolution to drug or alcohol related issues but are goals that we believe we can achieve and measure. These are set against two main themes of work.

Prevention represents work that is focused on building strengths that can prevent the development of drug or alcohol misuse problems or reduce levels of harm.

Intervention is the direct support provided to people affected by alcohol or drug misuse to effect positive and sustainable changes that improve their situation and help them achieve more positive outcomes in life.

The scope of our work will primarily be the delivery services that directly address substance misuse,  but will also include work in areas where there is evidence of a linkage with risk of substance misuse, such as offending or mental health.  We have set a specific goal in relation to protecting life from the risk of suicide, in recognition of the strong connection between substance misuse and suicide.  


  • Individuals, families and communities are more resilient
  • People make healthier and safer choices
  • People will be more able to prevent suicide and provide support to those affected
  • Practitioners are more effective and competent in their roles


  • People are more able to achieve and sustain positive change
  • Families  are stronger and better able to cope  

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