"reducing alcohol and drug related harm in our communities"
Our History

History of ASCERT

ASCERT started out in 1998 as Lisburn Drug and Alcohol Project as a community response to concerns about drug misuse in local areas of Lisburn. As a small local organisation with a single employee and little resources we sought to build capacity in local communities to understand and respond to substance misuse issues.

Soon it was clear that there was a need for drug and alcohol services in all areas of Northern Ireland. We decided to increase the range of services we provided and to remove our geographic focus. LDAP changed its name to Action on Substances through Education and Related Training (ASCERT) in 2000 and registered in 2004 as a company limited by guarantee.

Since 1998, ASCERT have grown to become one of the leading and best known providers of drug and alcohol services in Northern Ireland. We have developed an extensive experience of service development, planning and delivery across a range of disciplines and have secured and successfully delivered substantial contracts on behalf of public bodies.

ASCERT now provide a wide range of services across the region, and now have bases in Lisburn, Belfast, Omagh and Magherafelt. We are strongly linked to policy development and implementation of strategy at a regional and local level. ASCERT have strong partnerships with other services delivering treatment, training and community services to people that need support the most.

ASCERT are committed to the development and training of our staff in meeting the organisations objectives and have held the investors in people award since 2009.

Below highlights the level of expertise ASCERT have gained since 1998:

  • ASCERT is a leading provider of public services in Northern Ireland with many years experience in the substance misuse, training and development fields
  • ASCERT have a highly skilled workforce with an excellent track record of the management and delivery of major projects and contracts
  • ASCERT demonstrate innovation in our service development, responding to the needs of our clients, based on the evidence of what works
  • ASCERT have strong quality management. We are recognised as Investors in People, are accredited centres for OCN and NCFE, City of Guilds and members of Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the CPD Certification service.
  • ASCERT have a regional presence and the ability to deliver across Northern Ireland
  • ASCERT have strong existing relationships, networks and partnerships across the public and voluntary sectors at local and regional levels.

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Email: info@ascert.biz
Charity Number: NIC101239