"Addressing alcohol and drug related issues: reducing harm and supporting positive change"
Placement Opportunities

Placement Opportunities


ASCERT provides a number of placement opportunities, all placements are used to enhance the learning and development of the placement.

Placements play an important role in learning and development, both for those taking up a placement and the placement organisations. ‘Placement’ is used as a generic term but it is recognised that other terms are in use, such as ‘practice learning opportunity’ and ‘practice-based learning’ work experience opportunity’ which placements may prefer to use within their own terms.

ASCERT also provides placements specifically for social work students, youth and community work students and other placements that will enhance the learning and develop of the placement. However we will discuss all types of learning placement that sits with the ethos of the organisation.

“ASCERT staff and volunteers empowers people to make a positive difference where alcohol and drug related issues damage lives”

What is meant by a placement?

A placement is a specified period of work experience undertaken as part of a course

and/or qualification at college, university or other educational or development agency.

There should be specific aims and objectives associated with the placement, which can

be assessed or not, as required. It may be in any relevant discipline ranging from community

support or care practice to social work or business administration. Placements

should be seen as a partnership of student, agency and placing body (e.g. college or


Supporting practice learning helps workers with their own professional development and can provide teams with an opportunity to develop and improve services. Working with placements can also contribute to the development of a learning culture; placements have new ideas and bring a fresh perspective to our work. In addition, providing a placement can help raise awareness of the work that ASCERT carries out, and even contribute to effective recruitment.


There are a number of principles that underpin the establishment of any placement.

These include:

  • Recognition  and value  of the unique contribution that students can bring
  • Placements should be able to work without fear of discrimination. They should practice in ways that are anti-discriminatory, promoting equality and respecting confidentiality
  • Placements should be aware of, and subject to, the applicable legislation, national standards and codes of practice, including a duty to protect the rights and promote the interests of service users and carers

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