"Addressing alcohol and drug related issues: reducing harm and supporting positive change"
Fundraise for ASCERT

Fundraise for ASCERT

As a local charity ASCERT relies on voluntary funding and donations to help address drug and alcohol issues, reduce harm and support positive change in local communities across Northern Ireland.

Will You Be Our Charity Champion?

By making a donation, organising a fundraising event or taking on a sponsored challenge you can help make a real difference.

Every penny raised will be used by ASCERT to reduce the potential or actual impact of drugs and alcohol on people's lives and support the achievement of positive and sustainable change for individuals, families and communities.

There are lots of opportunities to support ASCERT, from volunteering, to organising a fundraising event, placing a collection can, choosing ASCERT as your charity or leaving a gift in your will.

For more information about supporting ASCERT please contact Jenay Doyle on 07498 344 302 or email jenay@ascert.biz

23 Bridge Street,
Co. Antrim
BT28 1XZ

Tel: 0800 2545 123
Fax: 028 9260 3874
Email: info@ascert.biz
Charity Number: NIC101239