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ASCERT awarded Lottery funding for new project for young people living with parental alcohol misuse

ASCERT has been awarded almost ÃƸø¸Ã¸ø£1million to develop a new project to support young people living with parental alcohol misuse
ASCERT has been awarded almost £1million of Lottery funding to deliver a new project across Northern Ireland to support young people living with parental alcohol misuse. The Steps to Cope project will provide a website that will provide young people with information and support to help them be more able to deal with the challenges they face because of a parents alcohol misuse and a network of support will be developed in local services to provide face to face interventions.
The project is a partnership between ASCERT, Barnardos NI, South Eastern Trust and the UK Alcohol, Drugs and the Family Research Group.
Gary McMichael, ASCERT Chief Executive said, "It is estimated that at least 1 in 7 children in Northern Ireland are living with parental substance misuse. They face many challenges that can include taking on caring responsibilities and facing stress and strain that may impede their development and stability in their lives. This project will provide them channels for support that will help them better understand what is going on in their family and reduce the impact of the challenges they face everyday. They cannot stop their mum or dad's drinking and its not their fault or responsibility, but they can be supported to cope better in their lives."
Joanne McDowell, Big Lottery Fund NI Director said, “We are delighted that the grants we have announced today will deal with the issues caused by alcohol misuse in communities across Northern Ireland. We are building on existing experience and expertise in this area and offering funding to community and voluntary groups that work with people, families and communities affected by alcohol misuse.”

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